Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee you at least 3-8 confirmed bookings. If this does not happen within your subscription period, you may either take a refund or choose to stay with us for a lifetime.

2. Notifying us about claims
You must contact our Customer Support team using the contact form, quoting "Money Back Guarantee" in the subject line within the thirty (30) day period prior to the end of the twelve (12) month term of your listing to make a request for refund under the Money Back Guarantee.

3. Qualifications
The Money Back Guarantee is available only for the first property advertised on the site by a new advertiser. Existing advertisers who add a new property do not qualify. To qualify, advertisers must meet the following additional criteria:

  • Property must be available for rent for at least six (6) months during the twelve (12) month listing cycle
  • The guarantee is not valid if the property is sold during the listing period or is leased on a long-let basis for more than 3 months
  • Rental rates must be displayed on the listing at least twelve (12) months in advance of open dates
  • A listing must have a minimum of 7 photos provided on site
  • A listing must be 90% complete based on the fields provided in the listing build
  • Guarantee valid for the annual subscription fee of our standard advertisement, as paid at the time of order.

4. Restrictions
If after eleven (11) months of advertising on our site, you have failed to receive at least 3-8 confirmed bookings through our site, you may request a refund, knowing that:

  • You will be excluded from advertising the property again on the site
  • You will not be eligible for a "Money Back Guarantee" offer on any other Associated, Inc. site
  • This offer is limited to one refund per advertiser (regardless of the number of accounts used by the advertiser

5. Verification of Requests for Refund
All requests for refunds are subject to verification; our company will not verify any request that it believes, in its sole discretion, is made fraudulently or in bad faith. Verified requests will receive a credit to the credit card used for the purchase of the listing within approximately fifteen (15) days of verification.

6. Valid dates
Guarantee valid for new listings from first-time advertisers purchased from July 5, 2023, at 9 a.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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